10 Ideas To Experiment With On Your Landing Pages

1. Resource Guru

Research Guru has an attractive and very effective landing page when it comes to conversions. It has a large play button that captures users’ attention. Moreover, the landing page also has a high-quality video which works as an explainer. They have also used a visually compelling thumbnail. 

2. MediaValet 

MediaValet uses the principle of three; clear, concise and easy to consume. They have the simplest but the best and an ideal landing page which can be copied as well. They have a clear headline which is easy to understand. The content is brief and simple. All these factors make a great and user-friendly landing page. 

3. SoftActivity 

The landing page of SoftActivity is way too simple. It has no forms, no registration and no navigation features. They have added a video for the customers which looks amazing. Design of the landing page is not only attractive but simple as well. 

4. Blink

Blink sets itself different from other brand with a great and attractive landing page. The landing page on this site inculcates trust and credibility of the brand. They also rely on testimonials and a wide list of clients or customers. Blink is using the testimonials in the best possible way. 

5. Vivonet Kiosk  

The main purpose of a landing page is to convince users take actions and buy products or services. For landing pages, CTAs are commonly used. But using multiple CTAs is distracting for the users. For this, Vivonet Kiosk has a perfect example as it uses just one floating CTA which follows the users as they scroll down or up the page.

6. Unbounce

Using chat tools on landing pages is a great idea which helps convince customers to take actions. Unbounce has a very decent and attractive landing page which can be an example for many brands. Their landing page is simple and includes a chat option. Users feel more comfortable with chat when they have to ask something.

7. AdClarity 

We get a number of amazing ideas for landing pages with AdClarity. They have created a stunning landing page with clear headlines. They have also added more than one items at the same time. This makes the landing page look appealing. Users will find something for their interest and will be convinced to take actions.

8. Avangate 

Landing page of Avangate is also very attractive in terms of design and features. It has been kept simple with a clear headline. The company logo is displayed at the bottom of the landing page to build trust. However, they should remove the about section on the landing page. 

9. Freshdesk

You will not see many landing pages as creative and fascinating as has Freshdesk. They have done something very unique. The compelling data is placed at the top of the page. It has facts, statistics with customer reviews and other details. It is very helpful to build trust and increase credibility. They have also made the nice use of video testimonial. 10. Whoisvisiting

Whoisvisiting lead generation sofware will help you even when your landing page can not convert by identifying website visitors and notifying your key employees to follow up. It is a good alternative to Lead Forensics which is a lot more expensive with similar identification rates.