What is CRM or Customer Relationship Management?

When the digital marketing professional faces the daily challenges, one that truly poses a challenge is the implementation of a CRM or Customer Relationship Management. Nowadays, they are all points of contact with potential clients and clients. It is an acronym for the English acronym Customer Relationship Management. An Anglicism more acquired in this marketer world. Its literal translations could be Management of the relations of the buyers, Administration based on customer management and Management of relations with customers. The features of the operational crm on this website define a management model based on relationships with their customers.

CRM professional definition

So now that you have taken a step in the concept of CRM, it is time to get wet and give your own definition taking into account these keywords, management, customers, strategy, data and decision making. Therefore, a Customer Relationship Management means to orient the business model and your digital marketing strategy to the client in 110%.

Types of CRM

Now that you have the established concepts, you cannot yet make a decision without knowing the different types that exist in the market depending on their functionality.

Operating CRM oriented to commercial management, sales or marketing.

Analytical CRM oriented to the taking of data and its analysis. Use Data Mining

Collaborative CRM when the client interacts and adds value to the system or model.

What to keep in mind to choose the best CRM software

Now that you are almost expert, you are going to take another step forward. As in any sector when choosing a CRM, the market offers a multitude of solutions adapted to the type of company, needs and budget to be spent. In the current moment where time is money, the success of a good CRM is that the team is squeezing 150% in the shortest possible time. Look for simple, intuitive solutions with training resources or training. Once the solution is chosen, it must last in time for everything that involves organizational, technical, human and cost. That is why it has to be a tailor made suit. This point would not have to include it but it must be a digital platform accessible from anywhere.

Conclusion: improve productivity

This tool facilitates both the introduction and management or retrieval of information. A CRM provides not only all the information related to the client but also all that has to do with the policies, strategies and commercial department. This will allow you to establish from work routines to make decisions directly related to the sale, independent of the different agents that are involved.A positive point could be that you also have a management App to synchronize with your mobile device.